Insurance Work - Rear Accident Damage

We were contacted by Lisa & Eric after they had unfortunately been involved in an accident with their Mini. After discussing the work with the Insurance Assessor we were given the go ahead to repair the damage fitting a new rear lower half panel, a rear quarter panel, a lower valance and a boot repair panel.

Insurance Work – Door Replacement on a Swedish Mini

Andy had lived for Several years in Sweden and had acquired this lovely 1970 Mini 1000 whilst he was there. Upon his return to the UK, Andy decided that he could simply not leave the Mini behind and so it was driven back almost without incident. Indeed, mechanically there were no incidents however, whilst waiting at the docks to board a ferry to the UK, the passenger door was ajar when it was accidentally struck by a Caravan being towed by a car.

The Mini was still covered by a Swedish based Insurance Company who were more than happy for us to carry out the necessary repairs. The door had been twisted quite badly and had also caused some minimal damage to the A Panel too. We fitted a new Heritage Door and Repaired the A Panel and whilst with us, the Mini received its new UK registration mark. A very original Mini all around!