This Mini arrived with us having previously received some poorly executed repair work. Initially Mike wanted us to rectify the work and to fully repair the Mini. However, as we began to strip down the body panels, more corrosion was found and eventually it was decided by Mike to fully restore the vehicle and replace all necessary panels.

In the event a new main floor and boot floor assembly were fitted, new rear wheel arch assemblies, a new lower rear panel and lower rear valance were fitted. At the front, a new toe board was fitted along with Inner and Outer Wings, Apex Panels and a new front panel. Both doors were repaired and fitted with new outer skins.

The underside was treated with zinc primer before being sealed up with polyurethane bonding sealant. The whole underside was then coated in Raptor tinted to the body colour. The whole inside and out of the Mini was then painted in the original Harvest Gold colour scheme.

Whilst the painting was being done, the subframes were fully refurbished and powder coated, the engine was overhauled and painted before the entire vehicle was built back up to finish.

Mike’s 1972 Mini 1000 Restoration Project - Gallery